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Congratulations! You’ve found the best supplier of North Carolina Longleaf Pineneedles on the web! Landscapers know that NC longleaf pinestraw has a superior quality needle. Only NC longleaf needles, averaging 14” in length, have an extra protective coating, which makes them more durable and helps them keep their bright color longer. The length, color, and durability of the NC longleaf needle make it the ideal choice for landscaping, gardening, mulching, and ground cover.
Ring’s Pinestraw, a family-owned business for over 25 years, guarantees both a superior product and excellent service. Our bale size is larger than most of our competitors and our needles have been more thoroughly cleaned than those of other suppliers. Pine straw sold by the big box stores is no comparison to our product.

Ronnie Ring Pinestraw Inc.  400 Johnson Grove Road Vass, NC 28394 
Phone ( 910) 639-7985
email:  mpr42@ringspinestraw.com

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